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Pack & get more time for yourself. This Pack contains three different Royalty-Free Tracks and is designed to help creatives like you to get stuff done faster, by giving you 1 Main Track, 1 Short Version, and 3 Loops for each song!

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You'll Get More Free Time

Let's forget about the unnecessary audio processing. Use the multiple versions of our songs included in the pack & enjoy the free time you got.

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We designed our music packs to serve multiple project types. With this pack you’ll get 3 different individual main tracks & their multiple versions:

  • A short version that is suitable for one or under a minute long Instagram feed videos.
  • The Main Track which fits with videos for up to two minutes.
  • 3 Loops which are handy to create the most suitable length of track you need.


These flexible versions will help you speed up your workflow & they are foolproof! Don’t forget, if there is something unclear about this, we are here to answer any of your questions in less than a day - including weekends.

Your Content Will Be Trendy

We work hard every day to discover the latest musical waves and we follow trendsetters globally.

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We know the deal. Our music follows the latest trends inspired by global trendsetters like:

  • Shazam
  • Youtube
  • Spotify


We also follow the current musical consumption provided by the main stock marketplaces & we watch loads of ads and commercials.


Maybe we saw one of yours too. :)

You'll Get Help - 24/12

If you download this free bundle & you'll need help with it, you'll get it. Feel free to write into the chatbox.

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You’ll may have some questions. But this is totally normal & that’s why we are available on chat 24/12. We’ll be happy to help you anything related to:

  • This Product
  • Download Process
  • The Dos & Don'ts
  • About Us
  • Everything Else & Beyond


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Who We Are?

HoneyLoud is a team of two music lovers specialized in No Copyright Music production for creative professionals



CEO/Composer/Music Producer

"Hi, my name is Gregor and I am the composer behind HoneyLoud. I am always happy to compose music on trend. Helping content creators like you by giving them the right music to amplify their message is my mission. If you have any questions, write in the chatbox and get the ANSWER DIRECTLY FROM THE COMPOSER." - Gregor



COFOUNDER/Video Editor/Trend Researcher

"Welcome! I think creating useful and popular soundtracks isn’t possible without being on top of today’s music tendencies in general. As a video editor & trend researcher, my mission is to test our music in action before we launch them by being informed of what kind of soundtracks creative people use in their projects." - Layla